my first-ever blog post; my “mission statement”, if you will

I have been itching to write about a topic I feel extremely passionate about and am completely invested in (along with most of the world): the hugely complex, largely written-on, highly divisive topic of PARENTING.  I do not profess to be an expert and I know I will make mistakes as I write about this supremely important job.  But in writing down my thoughts, experiences, and desires in this area, I aspire to simply share the wisdom God has given me, the knowledge I have gained from incredible friends and hilarious experiences, the mistakes I make and will continue to make, and the hope there is for all of us to become better parents to our children. 

To introduce myself: 

My name is Kayla and I am mom to Josiah – my ridiculous, constantly enthusiastic, and stubborn 15-month-old son.  I am married to my middle school nemesis, high school crush segway to boyfriend, and college husband: Jordan.  We are believers in Christ and practicers of Christian living in love.  We live in east austin and ADORE IT!  I am a stay-at-home-mom.  I am the maid, decent-ish cook, mother, terrible groundskeeper, and wife. I am a homemaker (that’s my favorite one).

And I absolutely LOVE what I do.  I know some people want to blow their brains out at the thought of staying home with their children.  And that is totally fine.  You may change your mind, or you may discover that working outside the home is right for your family.  May God give you wisdom as you strive to do what’s best.  I will surely have thoughts/posts on this topic in due time. 

I was a nanny for 2 years before my son graced the world with his quirky presence, and I babysat my entire life prior to my long-standing, amazing nanny job.  My first and favorite doll growing up was the pregnant doll.  Yes, they had a creepily awesome pregnant doll with a pregnant, removable belly that held a tiny baby inside.  The belly could just miraculously and painlessly be lifted to reveal the baby inside! No wonder we girls were all so confused and horrified when we found out how babies really come out! eek. So, you can see that I have been a lover of babies since I was a baby myself. 

And to address the tag-line of my blog – yup, I’m a pretty small person.  I am 5’2″ (my loving husband continually reminds me that 5’4″ is the average height of women so I’m really not that short!) and I look like a baby.  I am currently 24 and just last month was rudely asked by a flight attendant to move out of the emergency exit row – because only passengers over 15 years of age were permitted to sit there.  I’m not exaggerating.  Look at my picture!  So I have first-hand knowledge of what it feels like to be a small person.  To look like a kid.  To feel like a kid (as I often still do).  And I just love our kids.  I can’t wait to have more and to see the look on people’s faces as my younger-than-15-looking self struts through the grocery store with 4 children in tow.  “Oh Charles, don’t you feel sorry for that teenage drop-out? My my…”  May God continue to humble me and grow character in me because of my youthful appearance.

I have wanted to be a mom my entire life. I started writing a book in high-school about parenting (wrought with errors I am sure). But don’t let my life-long enthusiasm intimidate you! I have many friends that felt the way many of you do: avoid children at all costs! They poop, barf, drool, bite, hit, scream, and pretty much terrorize every person and thing within a mile radius of their tiny person.  But these friends are now moms too – and they love what they do.  In short, I think every mom and dad can love what they do (raising their child) if they know how to interact with their offspring correctly.  Everyone really can be happy!  

I hope, in my posts on this blog, to share thoughts about parenting as well as practical ways you can actually love and parent your child well. 

And I hope I will be graceful and humble on issues that are subjective and style-based, yet bold and confident in the direction I find in the bible on issues that demand a black-and-white, smack-down answer.  

That’s all for now! In just a few minutes I will hear my son waking up from his nap with either “woof woof! tweet! moooo…da! momma!” sounds or impressive screaming.  It really just depends on the day. 


“But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.”  James 3:17-18